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To be eligible for an exemption under that section, an institution must be "charitable" in the common-law sense, and therefore must not be contrary to public policy.The school offers classes from kindergarten through high school, and since at least 1969 has satisfied the State of North Carolina's requirements for secular education in private schools.Mansfield for the National Association of Independent Schools; by Charles E.Goldsboro never received a determination by the IRS that it was an organization entitled to tax exemption under 501(c)(3).It was then that the Internal Revenue Service revoked the school's tax-exempt status.Bob Jones filed suit against the government for discriminating against its religious beliefs -- newspaper accounts have reported that the school opposes interracial dating because of "scriptural belief."A court found in favor of the university's position, but the 4th U. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed it, concluding, "Certain governmental interests are so compelling that conflicting religious practices must yield in their favor." The case went all the way to the Supreme Court.Upon audit of Goldsboro's records for the years 1969 through 1972, the IRS determined that Goldsboro was not an organization described in 501(c)(3), and therefore was required to pay taxes under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act and the Federal Unemployment Tax Act.Goldstein for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People et al.; by Leon Silverman, Linda R.

But the problem seems to be one belonging to the GOP in general, not just Bush.From 1971 to 1975, most unmarried African-American applicants were denied admission, presumably to prevent interracial dating.After 1975, the school -- under court order -- began admitting unmarried African-American students, though according to the U. government, it rejected "any applicant known to be a partner in an interracial marriage."After the 1975 court order, Bob Jones administrators established rules requiring expulsion for any student who married or dated outside his or her race or belonged to an organization that advocated or encouraged others to marry or date outside his or her race.How does such an appearance jibe with his inclusive rhetoric and the myriad African-American kids he features prominently in his TV ads? Jeb Bush, have been able to date someone of a different nationality -- like his wife, Columba, a Latina -- if he been a student at Bob Jones?The school refused to admit any African-American students until 1971.

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"You could make the case that 'compassionate conservatism' died Feb.

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