Gary the retard dating game

Main Page | Stan Marsh | Kyle Broflovski | Eric Cartman | Kenny Mc Cormick | Butters Stotch | Wendy Testaburger | Randy Marsh | Herbert Garrison | Other Students | Antagonists | Big Bads | Secondary and Minor | Jerks and Bullies | Family Members | Elementary School Staff | Other Recurring Characters | The Stick of Truth | The Fractured but Whole A generic boy in Stan's class who was once described as the second fattest kid next to Cartman.

All the girls in class once put him at #1 on their "Cutest Boys" list just to get free shoes since his father owns a shoe store.

He often laughs at Cartman's jokes even if the other kids don't find it funny at all.

In "Lice Capades", he thought at first that he was the only one in the school who had head lice.

Because of this, Cartman is influenced by his ability to get away with swearing harshly in front of everyone and fakes Tourette's Syndrome to do so.

That's why no one likes hanging out with you guys."One of the 4th graders who attends South Park Elementary.

In "HUMANCENTi PAD", Clyde mentions that he takes the time to read the terms and conditions on the Apple store so that he knows what he's agreeing to.

In "The List", Clyde is listed on the corrupted list as best looking and as a result, he becomes arrogant and self-loving of his looks.

He did not want to reveal it or have it found out, because he feared he would be made fun of and embarrassed by Cartman and the rest of the class.

However, Clyde's lice problem was not revealed to the others, as Kenny Mc Cormick was accused by Cartman.

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Although this initially indicates that he's somewhat on Cartman's side, he ignores him along with the rest of the class in "The Death of Eric Cartman".

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