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Free advice from a happily married dating coach: he must TOLERATE your dogs. And he must TOLERATE how long it takes you to get ready.

And you must TOLERATE how he only listens to half of what you tell him.

Many of my clients have passions: restoring houses, forming new businesses, traveling internationally.

While such ventures are benign, when you consider how much time they take away from both meeting Mr.

If he squeezes this in the hours you’re otherwise occupied, then congratulations, you found a way to make it work with a hobbyist.

Ultimately, the answer is determined by how happy YOU are in your relationship. A guy who crosses South America on a bike and then feeds homeless kids in his spare time at home could be a great dinner friend and an exciting hook-up partner but he is not the father of your children. All these hobbies are simply another way for these guys to let you know that they’re not looking for anything serious. They don’t really expect you to take up 4-wheeling whatever that thing is.

Which makes sense when you’re single and have a lot of time to fill. But when you’re looking for a relationship, hobbies can be extremely problematic.My wife and kids always come before my “hobbies.” If your hobbies are structured similarly, that’s great. However, this is not the case for many people who prefer to build their relationships around their passions instead of vice versa. If he plays golf for four hours every Saturday and Sunday, and you see it as a perfect time to ride your bike or see your girlfriends, that’s cool.Alas, most of us don’t want to come in second to a video game or a cat. I’m not here to tell you passionate hobbyists to immediately cease all activities outside your marriage. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that every second you spend apart is a second you could be spending together.But just because he likes four-wheeling doesn’t mean you ignore him; rather it means you get to determine over time if you are content with the effort he’s putting into the relationship.If he rides every day after work and all weekend at the expense of your relationship, you know what to do.

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