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“They’re like my X-Men, and I’m the Professor Charles (Xavier),” he laughs.

Despite their other business interests (not to mention their young daughter and Monique’s two older sons from a previous relationship), “Empire” is taking up most of the couple’s time, and the workload is only likely to increase.

It’s clear at this point that Timbaland, aka Timothy “Tim” Mosley, has a grasp of not simply , but raw wavelengths and peaks and trebles, that most non-canine listeners do not possess.

Over the years his many unconventional choices in samples — birds chirping, babies cooing, and beatboxed imitations of turntable scratches, all chopped and looped so as to punctuate the rhythm — made his beats at once era-defining and ahead-of-their-time.

Having created hits for Jay Z and Missy Elliott — and acted as a key figure in Justin Timberlake’s transition from boy-band muppet to pop megastar — Timbaland was “Empire” creator Lee Daniels’ obvious choice to provide music for the show.

While Monique came as part of the package, acting as Timbaland’s business manager and overseeing his music contributions, she also was an “Empire” script consultant, adding her knowledge of the music business.

He finally made it to court and he asked the judge to vacate the default judgment in October, allowing for the divorce case to proceed.

Idlett is demanding alimony, child support, life insurance and school costs for their daughter.

Idlett won a default judgment in September 2015 when Timbaland failed to show up for court.

and all kinds of spousal support, including "rehabilitative alimony."It looked like there was no going back.

But something happened to trigger a reconciliation ...

Mila and Timbo have major chemistry as they blur the line between being friends and more than friends.

In the visual, they playfully goof off and dance together, but they get very close as well: Mila sports lingerie and climbs on top of Timbo, and at one point, he even does the age old ice-down-her body move.

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