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After 10 days I have the paper from the Post Office. Go to the Post office and they do not find the box. I insisted so hard that they looked in every single shelf. But the important thing is that after 6 months I have the DVD with me and I am able to share all this fantastic shots with everybody. Below are their posts on the lunch, and the wonderful day they had.

I reminded Jenn about Denise's dare during one of her many hugs.

The Original Ted-Neeley Yahoogroups List (312 members at last count on or about 4/25/07) was removed for unknown reasons from the Yahoogroups website, however, at the request of some of those list members, I have started a replacement group for that list, the .

Many of the original list members and First Ted Neeley List members are listed here, some are not yet listed here, as I do not have enough information on them to be able to list them at this time, or they choose not to be listed here.

There seem to be various ways that this interview came about, but regardless of how it happened, they reached a good group of folks who had a good interview, and, hopefully, one day we'll all get to see the segment.

Meanwhile, you can read the e-mails below from Judy and Jenn talking about it: ... You are still paying off hotel, airline, food, gas, show ticket and memorabilia items that you charged when Ted was still touring ...

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