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He’s been pursued, pressured, he’s been in serious relationships and he’s just “dated around” too…and he’s about the nicest, kindest, smartest man you could ever meet. And he gives you the help you need to make sure you can help your Mr. After Christian Carter, I’ve lined up a whole series of additional experts who’ll help you get and keep the relationship you want.I’ve met some truly amazing people on my own personal journey toward lasting love, including a fantastic network of relationship and life experts.And I want to share WITH YOU all the wisdom and inspiration that I’ve gotten from these incredible and smart people.instead you need REAL LIFE LESSONS from proven experts who can tell you what to do and say even in your most painful and difficult situations.

So I want to make it as easy as possible to try my Subscribe to my new monthly interview series and I’ll give you access to my interview with Christian Carter FREE as your bonus for subscribing.They know what to do and say to turn things around in your relationship.I’ve handpicked each expert because they’re not just about “theory.” They teach you the things you need to do and say, step-by-step, so you can get amazing results. which isn’t much when you consider the kind of “return” you’ll be getting for your entire life and your sense of well being.After all, how many are in happy, long-term marriages?Have they turned their relationships around to be the intimate and empowering partnership you’re looking for?

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That’s why, every month, I pick one expert and invite them into a recording studio so that I can literally pick their brain for all their best stories and advice.

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