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Initially, it was announced that the new look would not be revealed until late 2009, but after a short controversy including a petition about not "makeovering Dora", the tween Dora was unveiled on March 16, 2009.

Most of the people began calming down and actually embracing the new Dora, praising Mattel and Nickelodeon for their initiative and handling of the situation.

But once her images were released, a lot of folks began to simmer down when they realized that yes – Dora was older now and that the Dora Links doll is a sophisticated doll, that Dora herself would be proud of.She'd develop her map reading skills and imagine the places she could go," the petition says, while critics were told that they would prefer Dora to grow up true to the character she is as a child.Gina Sirard, vice president of marketing at Mattel, replied saying: "Pretty much the moms who are petitioning aging Dora up certainly don't understand. For more information, please see the links in the grey box on this web page.For information about what to do if you forgot to renew your license see the License Renewal Information.

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