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Manogna examined the reasons that companies engage in societal and environmental CSR activities, as well as the barriers that they face in choosing environmental CSR activities.One of the more interesting points that arose in the discussion was on the perceptions of and reactions to the legally-mandated CSR activity.Much of the discussion of climate justice focuses on justice and recognition is at the forefront of our policy planning.Public deliberation, and the recognition of the values expressed by communities, not only stresses the importance of certain aspects of adaptation, but raises insights that those outside of the communities concerned would be unable to foresee.In the deliberations, citizens highlighted threats to their basic needs, and expressed desires for ‘transformative’ change.Whilst it is difficult to know the extent to which David’s findings might be generalizable, what it did highlight was the need for participation in adaptation to climate change.

In this 1968 study, Ferdinand Lundberg examines recent studies in the concentration of wealth in the USA, concluding that the majority of the "new rich" are the inheritors of the big fortunes that he described in America's Sixty Families (1937).One important consideration here was that there seems to be an identifiable responsibility on the part of the oil companies, and a clear gap in state provision.Mobilising CSR might then be an attractive path to pursue in order to make tangible progress.The first Doctoral Scholar-led panel followed David’s address.Callum Nolan and Manogna Goparaju presented on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Climate Change.

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Much of the discussion surrounding ‘justice’ in the case of climate change tends to focus on mitigation, and often specifically on the just distribution of the costs involved in mitigating climate change.

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