Reasons for dating football players

It’s fitting that Sepp Blatter stepped down before kick-off because he’s unapologetically sexist.

It’s the sporting equivalent of us crying “man flu” the moment we get a slight sniffle. The same study found that men take 10 seconds longer to get off the field when substituted and 30 seconds longer celebrating a goal.

And the treatment of the four-time Balon d' Or winner by the Spanish courts is reported to be another reason he wants to leave Spain.

One of the main problems with top-level men’s football is the insufferable players.

Yep, they earn in a year what the likes of Wayne Rooney and John Terry do in a day.

Unlike Premier League money-grabbers – forever holding their clubs to ransom and happy to warm the bench if it pays well – women still play for love of the game, not their bank balances.

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