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Because all of these territories have now gained independence, the last one being Palau in 1993, the Trusteeship Council is no longer functional within the United Nations.

The General Assembly and the Security Council are the components of the organization that are most involved in lawmaking and legislative activities. Although the General Assembly lacks formal legislative authority to adopt resolutions that are binding on its members, it is highly active in the making and development of international law.

Altogether, the process of establishing rules of customary international law is lengthy and impeded by today's fast-changing world.Among these are peacekeeping; developing friendly relations among nations; achieving international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian character; and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms for all human beings without discrimination (UN Charter art. The United Nations comprises the Trusteeship Council, the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, and the ICJ.The Trusteeship Council's role is to supervise the administration of non-self governing territories.The ICJ has jurisdiction only over states that have consented to it. A rule must derive from one of these three sources in order to be considered international law.It follows that the court cannot hear a dispute between two or more state parties when one of the parties has not accepted its jurisdiction. Custom Customary international law is defined as a general Practice of Law under article 38(1)(b).

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States vary greatly in their opinions and interpretations of issues regarding international law.

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