Updating the 4l60e

They have the ‘older’ style lubrication, where both cooling lines are behind the bellhousing.

They also have larger overdrive roller clutch, usually came with a 16 element sprag instead of the 36 element.

Anyone got a source for an aftermarket replacement or other solution? The 10174453 lever with a 6mm pin ball was replaced by 12554126 lever with a 10mm pin ball.

These early transmission also did not have mounting holes for the manual lever position switch (MLPS) ie. '94 -'96: These are the same as the earlier ones but with a few differences.In 720° of crank rotation, a four-stroke cycle piston engine (two revolutions = 4 strokes) ingests its rated displacement (ignoring volumetric efficiency issues and the like) of air.In the same 720°, the rotary swallows twice its rated displacement (somewhat like a 2 stroke cycle engine).If you want to lock the converter you must run the Brown Wire on the outside of the trans through a toggle switch to chassis ground.Note: They are straight thread without the taper normal pipe thread has.

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