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The second is extension of financial services, such as M-Pesa’s mobile money system.

While these innovations have greatly improved access to market information and financial services, there remains a massive gap in improving access to markets once the crops are harvested.

At the most recent Pivot East, East Africa’s premier mobile start-ups competition and conference, held in June 2012, three out of five finalists were young entrepreneurs who had created agrarian apps. Access to market information through cellphones led to an increase in farmers’ incomes of between 16.5% and 36% in Uganda, and 10% in Ghana, according to a 2012 World Bank report.

Have farmers benefited from this information and communications technology innovation? A recent Vodafone report estimates a potential increase of -billion in agricultural income in Africa by 2020 due to the spread of mobile technology.

John Mwangi stands in his wooden shed counting bags of maize neatly bundled in burlap.

The 90kg bags sit on slats raised two feet off the earthen floor, protecting the maize from damp and rodents.

Kenya’s agriculture will require considerably more government support in the future.

Ob es nun ein blumiger Gruß zum Geburtstag sein soll, ein Liebesgeschenk zum Valentinstag, eine aufrichtige Entschuldigung oder ein blumiger Gruß für Geschäftspartner – im Sortiment von Sie für jeden Anlass die passenden Blumen.

A few hens scratch the earth, pecking at the grains that have fallen out.

The 44-year-old farmer finishes counting at 149 and takes out his cellphone.

Mit der Online-Sendungsverfolgung können Sie ab dem Vorabend der Auslieferung jederzeit verfolgen, wo sich Ihr Blumenstrauß gerade befindet, beziehungsweise ob er bereits zugestellt wurde.

Unsere 7-Tage-Frische-Garantie stellt zudem sicher, dass die Blumen den Beschenkten auch möglichst lange eine Freude bereiten.

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