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This list of famous people who have talked or written about hearing voices includes: Gandhi, Socrates, Joan of Arc, Freud, Anthony Hopkins, Philip K Dick, John Frusciante, Carlos Santana, Robert Schumann, John Forbes Nash, Zoe Wannamaker and Charles Dickens.

We’re all unique, so it’s unsurprising that voices and visions can be equally individual in terms of their identity, content, interpretation and impact. If you don’t recognise your experience here, that doesn’t mean you’re ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’. These voices can be male, female, genderless, old or young. Voices can speak constantly (24/7), but they can also utter occasional words or phrases.

Some people hear voices talking when no-one is around. People can hear other types of sounds too, including knocking, rustling, crying, screaming or music.

These could be like the voices of people they know, or complete strangers. Some voices can be positive – providing the support and encouragement someone needs to get through the day.

However if you already know the basics and would like some more detailed information, check out the other pages in this section.

When we talk about voices and visions, we simply mean someone is hearing, seeing or sensing something that others around them aren’t.

For example, someone who survived a house fire may smell smoke when they feel anxious.

However, for some people these voices and visions can be extremely distressing – criticising, threatening or causing confusion.A number of famous and important people (past and present) have experience of hearing or seeing things that other people don’t.Without these people, the world would be a very different place.These experiences can include all five senses, hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch.These experiences can occur in one sense at a time (hearing a voice, for example, or smelling something), but they can also happen in combination. For example, someone who is lonely may really value a voice that becomes a trusted confidant.

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