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Earlier this year the Raspberry Pi Foundation hinted that Google was planning something for the Raspberry Pi, saying that the search and advertising giant's AI and machine learning technology could enable makers to build even more powerful projects.The Raspberry Pi Foundation also said that this week it has shipped 250,000 Pi Zero W devices, and added 13 new distributors for the tiny Wi-Fi device "so you should find it much easier to get hold of a unit".These are made when you trigger the voice assistant, which may happen inadvertently during conversations or by pressing buttons on a Voice Assistant enabled device without realising it.A spokesman for the firm said: 'We only process voice searches after the phone believes the hot word "OK Google" is detected.You would be forgiven for thinking that your private conversations were just that, but Google's Voice Assistant could be recording everything you say.The feature is designed to allow users to talk to enabled gadgets to search the web, launch apps and use other interactive functions.

Encouraging Raspberry Pi tinkerers to adopt Google's technology would be a big win considering that over ten million of the devices have been sold already, and they are being used as the computing power behind a number of gadgets.The company has a specific audio page and another for activity on the web, which will show you everywhere Google has a record of you being on the internet.The new portal was introduced in June 2015 and so has been active for the last year – meaning that it is now probably full of various things you have said, which you thought might have been in private.One example from an anonymous user appears to have registered the code to their back door entry system, while chatting with a friend. I've just installed a game through the Steam app remotely on my PC in London from my phone.' One example from an anonymous user appears to have registered their conversation about technology. Google previously released a My Activity feature that reveals exactly how much information the company has collected about you, through your activities online.A written transcript of the conversation said: 'If you ever get booked down to my house for some reason the key safe for the back door is 0783.'Another user's conversation about technology appears to have been captured, without them realising the assistant was recording. What some people may be unaware of is that the Voice and Audio section includes recordings of your voice.

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'Audio snippets are used by Google to improve the quality of speech recognition across Search.'They added that ambient recording is never transmitted to the cloud.

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