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Running on 4.5G network, every subscriber will get 20G of data for N3,000 monthly.

The data can also be used for video calls conferences with camera and Wi Fi.

“What makes the project unique is that it would start with 100 channels of local, regional and international programmes in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean, Liberian languages, among others”, he said.

Echefu noted that TStv has the right content and premium product to satisfy the growing demand of Nigerians. “With TStv, you don’t need to pay subscription monthly or periodically. “It is the first Nigerian TV to launch a pay-as-you-consume, so you can pause your subscription whenever you are travelling.

The service will air more than 100 TV channels, and TSTV expects the number to grow to 150 soon after.

“Our vision is to provide premium video experience to Nigerians at affordable prices,” said Bright Echefu, TSTV managing director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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TStv will also show live sports like Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and much more.

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