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Even if you catch something, you can’t really tell if it’s good until you get it home and spend more years trying to evaluate.Numerous men from every parts of the world get attached to them for Filipino women’s characteristics.Filipino women posses the qualities a man would look for in a wife. Instead of using divorce as the only solution when getting to a huge fight with their significant other, Filipinos are more likely to sit down and discuss the problem at hand.I seek to help people find love and build amazing relationships. If you’re interested in having a lifetime partner or a relationship you can go about, here are 10 Filipino women dating tips. If you are on your first date, don’t ever try to kiss on the lips.Nowadays, dating Filipino online has been popular for some especially those that come from far lands. It’s as if you’d be willing to take on her at that moment. A kiss on the forehead for these women signifies respect and security. “Pasalubong” – Filipino culture Filipino dating culture is involving the family as well.You will be surprised how a simple tactic like this will get you to home base. Many of them are happily married for many years and it is about much more than just money.In the previous tip I mentioned a tactic to get your date to go home with you. This means a Filipina will let loose repressed sexuality in the privacy of your room but in public she wants to be seen as a good girl. Enjoy it because her goal is marriage and if she gets there she will push the limits to take the dominance away from you When dating a Filipina it is important to make the decisions for both of you. Filipinas will look at the big picture when deciding whether they want to date you.

This way you are more likely to meet someone who is compatible. Start your day with a bath and a good-smelling perfume. If you’re not a Filipino, then act like one because that’s what the Filipino family wants in a man who is conservative, hardworking and a one-woman man. Also, “pasalubong in Filipino culture is one way you’re being thoughtful to them.Once you are physically in Philippines you want to find real Filipinas. Here are two methods I use to meet Filipinas in malls and shopping areas. Explain that you made a blind date with someone named Jen and you were hoping she was the one waiting for you (wink, wink). A second way is to sit in the food court and look for a lady you fancy. Prepare a note with your name and phone number and wait until she starts to leave. For a more formal date it is common for a girl to bring a chaperone. It is always amusing to see a foreign man dating a girl who brings her whole family to a nice meal that the man is paying for. Find an excuse to look at her ID and check that date of birth if she looks anything less than 25.First, walk up to a Filipina who is by herself and texting on her phone. Hurry after her, give her the note and explain that you are a little shy but you wanted to talk to her. Most Filipinas are religious and have strong family values. Many visiting foreign men succumb to the charms of bar girls.After you learn the rules of Tagalog pronunciation and spelling, you’ll realize how unnecessarily complex (and stupid) English is. That’s how freaking easy it is to spell and pronounce Tagalog words.It’s really easy - the vowels are all pronounced the same way - the a-e-i-o-u are all pronounced ah, eh, ee, oh, and ooh (respectively) pretty much without exception (and the same goes for a LOT of other languages that use our alphabet, btw). The grammar’s a bit more challenging, but no more so than most other languages (and it’s certainly easier to learn than English grammar).

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Perhaps the hardest thing for me to learn was to keep my mouth shut, meaning that we Americans tend to be far more open about our personal lives and particularly about our “dirty laundry”.

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