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And that gives this funny dating quote a purpose here.Many couples say that it was their first kiss that helped them decide whether or not they will continue dating.Communication is important part of every relationship, from the very beginning of dating through anything that a couple can possibly go through.The fun thing is that, actually, that a kiss can sometimes indeed tell a lot.And those kinds of relationships could be the most incredible and amazing experience that could happen to a person’s love life.Those relationships usually happen to be more intimate and committed; because there is a strong foundation provided by all those things two people went through before they started dating.They are witty and humorously put, but they make a point.

The point being here: don’t fall in love before you make sure that he is the person you want to fall in love with.For those of you who aren’t familiar, Jarod Kintz is a humorous author coming from USA.And the book from which we pulled out this charming dating quote was first published fairly recently, in 2010.Someone could seem like a great person for dating, as in the beginning he is great to talk to, he makes you laugh, he seems nice, etc.And those are the things that usually make us get carried away.

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