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Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of women have masturbated, so don’t go around thinking you’re a weird pervert for getting off, girl!

Angeles City is probably one of the wildest places you can go in the Philippines.

There is nothing in the Bible that says that it’s wrong to touch your neither regions. And like we said before, masturbating during your period is a great way to relieve cramps! Of course not, or else nearly everyone on the planet would be blind right now. What if I haven’t been able to have an orgasm from masturbation? Are you expecting to have an orgasm within a two minute time-span and find yourself disappointed?

There’s nothing in the law that says you can’t do it, either. Listen, there are several reasons why masturbation and having any and all sexual autonomy is thought of as a “guy thing.” We’ve been socialized to believe that men are inherently more sexual, so when women are outwardly sexual, we shame them and call them “sluts.” We’ve been socialized to believe that sexual autonomy is a guy thing, while women are merely the receivers of sex. You also won’t get struck by lightning, develop hairy palms or anything else ridiculous. All of these things and more can contribute to a lack of orgasms. If you have more questions about masturbation, check out our 25 best posts about masturbation!

Angeles girls are found at SM mall, or working girls in hotels and bars.

Angeles has a Walking Street similar to Pattaya, Thailand with many petite filipina Angeles girls dressed seductive clothes enticing the customers in each bars.

Unfortunately, poverty pushes underage girls into this line of work.

But unlike sandwich crust and blasting Robyn when you’re down, female masturbation has such an unfair taboo attached to it. Masturbation is totally normal and, once you get the hang of it, it’s totally fun.

Just make sure that your hands and any and all devices you use are clean (and safe) before you get to work!

You might notice yourself getting wet, which is totally normal. If you find it difficult to get wet, consider using a water-based lubricant to help yourself out.

hala...kilala kita ah..magkapit bahay tayo bakit ganyan ang pinasok mo work?

hoy babaeng mababaw ang lipad di ka dapat jan kc mukha kang kabayo dapat nasa kwadra ka di ka pala marunong sumipa my kabayo bang ganun hahahaha pag syuuur oy pannnnnnngggggiittttttttt ang girl mukhang kabayo................

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Being wet might make masturbation feel a little more comfortable, but it’s possible to have an orgasm without it.

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  1. Some of these fantasy cuties may have had a pulse, but their paychecks were signed by BBW Desire. The fake messages were kind of laughable and I enjoyed playing around with the ladies that I could tell were not real.