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His childhood days was full of hardship, his father used to torture him a lot while his mother was opposite in behavior she used to take him to the church every week and love him a lot. Edit He has also been honored with Boston Society of Film Critics Awards once in his life and that was in 2009.That year, he got his one and only nomination in this award and that was for Best Ensemble Cast.Once there was also rumor about them getting married and they were each other loving spouse but that was just the rumor.They are still together and they also have a child from their relationship.Highlights include: *cover photo of Martin Potter, star of Fellini's "Satyricon";*short news article "Continental Baths Robbed and Gas-Bombed";*article "A Visit To A Brothel For Boys" by Randy Wicker (with three photos);*delightful article "Is Grandma A Drag? edited by Lige Clarke and Jack Nichols, and published by Al Goldstein (of "Screw" Magazine) and their Four Swords, Inc. A large, left-folded newspaper containing 20 pages including front and rear covers." by Angelo d'Arcangelo (author of the famous "Homosexual Handbook");*article on fathers and their gay sons entitled "Turning On To Daddy" by Dick Leitsch;*article on Fellini's film "Satyricon" entitled "Notes on a Roman Orgy" by Peter Ogren (with two photos);*splendid centerfold advertisement for the gay male Park-Miller Theatre ("Formerly the Henry Miller Theatre") then at 43rd Street between 6th and Broadway in New York;*article "Portrait of an Exhibitionist" by Bob Amsel (with photo);*column "The Gay Witch" by Dr. Highlights include: *cover photo of Hiram Keller, starring as Ascyltus in Fellini's "Satyricon";*article "Revealed At Last! " (on sexual group-therapy then in vogue);*Part Three of Angelo d'Arcangelo's "Plumbing Care and Maintenance" (this segment on the clap);*article on gay and gay-friendly bars and restaurants in New York City by John Francis Hunter (with photos of Julius, The Finale, and The Zodiac);*lengthy reviews of Pat Rocco's gay male film "Mondo Rocco" and Richard Amory's "Song of the Loon" by Ian J.

His salary is high and his net worth is estimated to be 0 Million as of 2017.She is also known to be a humanitarian and social activist.Edit Tyler Perry was born to Willie Maxine Perry and Emmitt Perry, Sr.Edit It was 2007, when he got his first nomination in Image Awards. Edit It been more than a decade he has dedicated himself in acting and movie making.That year he was nominated from two different categories but he was not honored with both of them. He began his professional career since 1998 and he gained massive amount of name and fame only from 2011.

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He began his acting career since 1998 and that was from the stage show "I Know I've Been Changed".

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