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“I’m also really looking forward to playing in a couple of cities I’ve never played before, as well as getting a chance to meet the fans there.” BOX OFFICE: IT has to be the most over-due sequel in Hollywood history but the follow-up to HARRISON FORD’s 1982 classic Blade Runner is more than worth the wait.Blade Runner 2049, also starring RYAN GOSLING, has raced to the top of the UK box office – taking £6million in its opening week.The ten songs on debut album Flicker – out on Friday, October 20 – are all top quality.The record is a mature listen with lovely instrumentation and super-smooth vocals.- LOUIS TOMLINSON has today released a brand new tune.

He said: “I had a lot of fun in 2013 when I played those smaller venues because you’re so much closer to the fans.And Rob raised eyebrows in July when he said he was “kind of” engaged to her.But he gave her glowing praise in the same interview, saying: “She’s super-talented and from a totally different world.” In the three years they have been together, they have looked miserable in almost every photo.So as the boys try to establish themselves after the split – with mixed results musically – Niall has naturally moved as far away from the dance-dominated charts as possible.While HARRY STYLES went down the sophisticated Bowie-esque rock ’n’ roll route, Irishman Niall is unashamedly soft rock – think JOHN MAYER crossed with ED SHEERAN.

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Meanwhile, FKA Twigs has been in London working on her second album, having just released debut album LP1 when they met.

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