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According to you which english dictionary is useful for CSE preparation that gives succinct meaning in simple language which will be a long term guide.

Some countries do not want to part with their legacies so they retain monarchy within a democratic set-up. Why there is no uniformity in appointment of IAS offices: some states has less number of IAS officer compared to state officers while other states have many IAS officer compared to state officers?

Is the news like Ishrat encounter, uttarakhand flood,egypt Uprising, eric Snowden revelation etc are important from exam point of view?

plz guide i m totally beginner to this exam and newspaper reading too. Rupesh Dahal Sir How to keep one always motivated ,when I see, hear about politician expoilting our country I fill really bad and demotivated.

second I look at national news here i try to find many things like Indian relation to world, government schemes, scams of government etc 3.

look at the 2013 mains paper, you wont be able to answer one question using the book.

Next prelims is in August because of General elections which begins in June and ends in second week of August.

Manish, Arihant is a good choice: they have this book – General Studies: 14000 Plus Objective Questions and TMH have a big book called Manual which I don’t think will be useful.Please help me Sir, if its any how possible to complete syllabus till october and revision for mains.I need to know, whether in this new booklet form of exam free live adult wap chat no registration. Upload photos in your profile and put them for some photo contest.Remember that not all the women percept it normal when some unknown man is inviting them to chat, so probably it would be better if you exchange several messages with the woman until going to chat sitedatinga ru.

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