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Grosseto lies on the Tuscan coast of the area known as the Maremma.

The main attraction nearby is Castiglione della Pescaia, a very attractive town consisting of a fishing boat harbour dominated by a mediaeval castle.

Grosseto was one of the principal Etruscan cities, situated at the mouth of the Ombrone river, in the once unhealthy Maremma country.

It became an important stronghold, and the fortress (rocca), the walls and bastions can still be seen.

In Piazza delle Vettovaglie there is the historic food market.

The Alta Maremma is thickly wooded towards Siena (for example around Pari and Torniella) and somewhat rockier towards Roccatederighi where the steep descent to the coastal plains begins.

Grosseto itself is a relatively recent city that developed during the mediaeval period on a site where Etruscan boats used to pass through the marshes.

The ruins of Rusell are about five miles from Grosseto, with cyclopean walls four miles in circumference and sulphur baths that were restored in the 19 C for medicinal purposes.

Rusell also once had an amphitheatre and it was an episcopal See from the 5 C. Gregory the Great commended the inhabitants of Vetulonia to the spiritual care of Balbinus, Bishop of Rusell.

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