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It -is- well-formed, however,and it does come up normally when I try to open it from the files in mycomputer. [...]','Re: Error question','Tue, -0500')" onmouseout="hide Desc()"One thing you might want to know is that I tried to get your dtd tocome up in my browser (firefox). XML Parsing Error: syntax error Location: Number 781, Column 1:<! (file not found)I had success with the following url:ttp:// Ferrando Library Technician Library of Congress Washington, DC202-707-4454--- Christopher Shea <[log in to unmask]> wrote: [...]','Re: Error question','Mon, -0800')" onmouseout="hide Desc()"Check to be sure that the iso-lat1file is located in and that it\'s named correctly.

[...]','Re: EAD swicki','Fri, 0000')" onmouseout="hide Desc()"As a novice to EAD and a follower of [email protected] listserv, an EAD swicki wasdeveloped which can be trained by the archival community. for additions/deletions to "buzz cloud" are most welcomed andstrongly encouraged.The modifications to the EAD document you are talking about would nothave an bearing on the issue at this point. Mike Ferrando Library Technician Library of Congress Washington, DC202-707-4454--- Hassan Essebar <[log in to unmask]> wrote:> Did your administrator check the permissions for these files?>> Hassan>> >>> [log in to unmask] 2/7/2006 AM >>>>> No, I\'m not able to get into either the iso-lat1or ead.dtd> files> through my browser -- although our administrator assures me that> they\'re> there.>> I did not make any modifications to the DTD, although I did make a> fewis checked against the dtd when it is processed.(1 message) Northwest Digital Archives -- RFP for vendor conversion services (1 message) Question about (1 message) questions related to RLG's EAD Report Card (3 messages) Seeking Archivist at Oregon State University (1 message) Sigfrid Lundberg is out of the office.(1 message) Two positions in the Division of Preservation & Access of the National Endowment for the Humanities (1 message)

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>> Thanks for any help.> Lynn> [...]','Re: Catalog file to resolve external entities','Thu, -0800')" onmouseout="hide Desc()"finding aids?

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