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As well as producing potential information regarding inter-annual recharge and p CO gradients, these annual cycles may be exploited to construct annually-resolved chronologies.

However, if multiple trace elements are used and a process-based understanding of the variations within stalagmites are applied, then we may derive a more confident chronology. And since everybody loves a good comeback story, here’s one that involves octopus and sake cocktails. Goes by the name Boho, a little neighborhood Mediterranean spot with a few convivial diversions and a real bohemian thing going for it, now open in Coconut Grove. First, the limitations in dating modern stalagmites are overcome by refining a dating method that uses annual trace element cycles.It is shown that high-frequency variations in elements affected by prior calcite precipitation (PCP) can be used to date speleothems and yield an age within 2–4% chronological uncertainty of the actual age of the stalagmite.

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If the lamina counting method is coupled with two chronological tie points, such as the date that an actively growing sample is collected and the age of an artificial substrate on which a speleothem has grown, the chronological accuracy of the lamina counting method can be tested.

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