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There’s a big caveat to all this 4K hullabaloo, though, and that’s the user’s TV.

Just a fraction of people own 4K tellies and without one you miss out on the biggest impact of the X: its ultra-high resolution.

With typically six or seven years between generations, console owners had been spared that dispiriting cycle until 2016.

First, Microsoft signalled the Xbox One X and then Sony actually launched the PS4 Pro – two powerful updates that don’t count as full console refreshes but are just as significant because they cut the upgrade cycle in half.

Microsoft readily admits it’s not going to sell a tonne of Xbox One X consoles just yet, preferring to establish the newcomer as the ultra-premium leader of the family that includes the Xbox One S and original Xbox One.

This is the world’s most powerful console, Microsoft crows, sending a clear shot across Sony’s bows.

With an ordinary HD gogglebox, you’ll clock slightly sharpened visuals, improved frame-rates and shortened load times.

But that’s hardly full justification to break the bank for a new console.

Every second year, he shells out even more to replace his processor, motherboard, memory … The wallet pain just about keeps him abreast of PC requirements for the latest games.Use it to create better AI, bigger worlds, more enemies, or even introduce VR.But nope, every top executive I questioned at Microsoft over the last year stayed resolutely on-message: the X is part of a family and we don’t want to create confusion.At one point, she dips into the splits, then lets herself slide off the platform. Instead, the drama comes from the scale of the work, from the contrast between the delicate, human dancer and her huge metal partner.Lights pick her out as she swings herself lightly around the moving steel, curling lines around the container’s stark, sharply pointed shapes.

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The sheer clout of the GPU/memory combo in the One X means 4K is easily achievable, along with higher frame-rates and quicker load times.

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