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The two kissed, their hands gently touching each other's faces. Then Paula opened her mouth and Laci stuffed her tongue into her best friend's mouth.

This tape was in slightly better condition than the previous tape, there were few pixelated or stretched scenes. That show was followed by another equally implausible reality show. Alvarez insisted that it was time for the girls to go to bed. "I mean, first one is Asians then we're watching girls kissing each other? "Paula, those were my dad's stupid movies," Laci declared. "I'm teasing you," Paula whispered, gently touching Laci's arm. "God, this is stupid," Paula declared as one of the show's characters couldn't figure out a simple task. "Uh huh; my dumb ass Dad's got it pass worded though," Laci complained. Laci did, Paula looked at the remote, then rapidly punched in a series of commands.

They managed to make their way to South Korea, then to the American Embassy. Then Paula used her thumbs to pry Laci's pussy lips apart. Laci's buttocks bounced off of the bed as Laci bucked in orgasm. Then, as her own orgasm welled up in her guts, Laci bent further and tongued Paula's sweaty anus. Then, Laci again lapped at Paula's pussy while insinuating a finger into Paula's wet anus. Then, she continued to suck and lick Paula's pussy while finger fucking Paula's tight ass. " both girls cried out again as both brought the other to orgasm.

There, Captain John Voisoin, a native of Baylor Lake, Louisiana, arranged to have the mother and daughter sent to his father's home. Laci groaned a long low groan when Paula delved her tongue into her pussy. She gave a strangled scream as Paula lightly bit down on the hypersensitive nub. Then she rolled the chubby girl onto her back and kissed Paula's face, then neck, then small breasts. Alvarez fed the girls breakfast, then reminded Laci that she would be grocery shopping. Twenty minutes later, Laci roused Paula from a light slumber. *.*.* Chris Fontenot was grateful he'd insisted on a pre-nup as Reynold Reynolds placed the thick folder in front of him. The pre-nup stated that if they divorced before their first year anniversary, Yolanda would only receive ten thousand dollars.

Now, at four foot eleven, Don It Sim, Paula, weighed one hundred and sixty pounds. Laci had heard the jokes about pussy smelling like fish. Then Laci found Paula's small clitoris and she batted at the nub with her tongue. Laci continued to lap earnestly at Paula's slit, getting as much of Paula's juice as she could.

Her mother was four foot seven and weighed one hundred and seventy three pounds. The school day dragged on, but finally, the last class was over, and Laci and Paula ran to Laci's car. They wolfed down the still warm treats, then ran up the stairs to Laci's bedroom. Even her father had joked about how bad a woman's pussy smelled. Laci decided she liked the taste of Paula's pussy and lapped at her pussy some more.

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Laci turned on her wall mounted television and found yet another insipid reality television show to watch. " Paula asked, hiding her smile behind her small hand.

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