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As the gantry lift accelerates up and down, guests see the Guardians entangled in various situations.The gantry lift finally drops back down to show the Guardians reunited along with Mantis and Cosmo the Spacedog.After guests are seated in the gantry lift, Rocket unplugs the system and inserts Quill's walkman starting one of the songs listed above.The ride lifts up to the generator room where Rocket blows it up, freeing the team.Due to Marvel's 1994 contract with Universal Parks & Resorts (pre-dating Disney's 2009 purchase of Marvel Entertainment), the Marvel name is not allowed to be used as part of the ride's title or advertising.

Guests enter the main floor which is meant to resemble the interior of the Collector's archive.The Guardians will then reunite with Mantis who will arrive with their ship so that they can make a quick getaway.On his way out of the Collector's office, Rocket grabs Quill's walkman.The Guardians thank the guests, but as the lift resets itself, Drax breaks the fourth wall and is clearly heard wondering why they should be thanking the guests as all they did was sit through the whole ordeal and did not actually do any fighting.There are six different versions of the ride, each with its own song, visuals, and drop sequence.

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