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His attorney, Alexander Ransom, apologized to the women on the witness stand, as he asked probing, intimate questions about what happened at Rogayan’s apartment: “This was an assault, correct? So, like all of the other accusers, she said she hesitated and did not go to the police. Some of the claims of sexual assault went as far back as 2006; the statute of limitations has passed in four cases. She slept, showered, got ready for work, and tried to act normal. Superior Court Judge Charles Snyder sustained an objection from a prosecutor. However, as the rumors surfaced on social media, a self-appointed advocate for the women set up a secret Facebook page to share their experiences with Rogayan. Throughout her testimony, she gazed down at her hands. She blacked out, but had a brief memory of Rogayan showing her around the new restaurant, and waking up in the morning – either with a woozy hangover or still drunk – to Rogayan engaged in intercourse with her in his bed. “Or just like (expletive) it or idk what but I just let it happen. That week she described what happened to a friend, who seemed disappointed in her. “It crossed my mind, but I didn’t want to do anything,” K. “I didn’t want to go through the whole process – this process.” Ransom asked if she chose to testify because she wanted to support the others in the Facebook group. ” Ransom asked, about a half-hour into his cross-examination of L. “Yes,” she replied, in a tone suggesting, “Isn’t this obvious? Rogayan worked at Avenue Bread before opening Cosmos Bistro in the Herald Building. smoked marijuana with Rogayan and a friend, she testified. “I decided I was going to forget this happened and squish it down,” L. The defense has suggested the group showed signs of collusion. “Did you want to be here today, to talk about this? Jamison Scott Rogayan, 32, is on trial for sexual assaults on five women – charged with four counts of second-degree rape, one count of indecent liberties, and one count of unlawful imprisonment – for encounters with women who say they were drunk, high, or both when Rogayan made unwanted forceful advances. I was unconscious, and when I became conscious, he had his hands in my vagina. “Beyond the legal issue of whether you knew that was rape, that’s an assault,” Ransom continued. ” “It’s very hard to report this kind of stuff, for this reason,” she said, gesturing to the courtroom. (Some jurors asked for a definition of “rufi.”) She’d been slipped that drug before, she said, but it felt different when she awoke in Rogayan’s apartment. Ransom questioned why she had no injuries to her privates, if it lasted that long. Still, she reported a sexual assault that week in 2011. bumped into Rogayan and some other friends at Cap Hansen’s on a night in April 2015, she testified Thursday.Rogayan denies the encounters were sexual assaults. That is an assault.” Yet she wasn’t sure whether what happened to her would be considered rape. didn’t come forward until she read an article in The Bellingham Herald about Rogayan more than a year later, when he was arrested and charged with sexual assaults dating to 2011. “I have to relive it, with someone that’s trying to deny my truth. I have spent a year waiting for this – agonizing about this, feeling terrible. So, no, I didn’t report, because I didn’t think anything would happen, because generally things don’t happen in these cases. She broke into a full run on her way home, she testified. “That’s really common among survivors of sexual assault, you often – ” “So you’re an expert now,” Ransom said, cutting her off. “Yes.” “Tell me what it is.” “It’s talking to other witnesses, and trying to get your stories to be the same,” she said, “and that’s not what happened.” Testimony from L. The case stalled, and no charges were filed until 2015. She left her wallet and other things in the bar when she walked out. wrote, in a private Facebook conversation in September 2015, before the group formed. What I do know is that I passively accepted.” (“idk” is chat speak for “I don’t know.”) On the witness stand, the defense asked K. She recalled feeling disgusted, “like trash,” and confused about how she got there. “And I don’t want anyone else to be in that situation, and feel this way, in the future.” Two more accusers, and 20 other listed witnesses, have yet to testify. It isn’t long before Vegas finds himself entangled in a web of dark and dangerous obsession. “Dirty Talk” will take you deep into the world of stimulating oral desire and blur the lines that exist between our ultimate fantasies and harsh reality.3.5 hearts There are a couple of things I need to make clear right off the bat.

I’m rounding this up to 3.5 (even though it feels like a 3) mainly because there were no flaws in the actual story told and the mystery was very engaging, which is the main point of the book.

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