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It wouldn’t have been so bad if I worked at an office downtown, and spent most of the day away from the house. I work at home as a computer programmer, working for several banks and insurance companies, keeping their servers up and running.She looked so fucking hot lying there spread-eagled and helpless, powerless to do anything to stop me from doing any fucking thing I damned well planned on doing to her! ” Her eyes widened even further a she fully realized what I was about to do! Letting Jo Jo star fearfully at my cock, I stood there for some moments before I finally scooted-up onto the bed and moved over her once more.“All summer long you’ve been prancing around here all-but-naked and driving me crazy! I untied both sides of her top, then took it off over her head and tossed it to the floor.Every single day I’ve been jacking-off, trying to control my lust for you, but it just isn’t working anymore. ’ You’re going to learn that your little body is a powerful weapon, a weapon that can drive a man insane with lust! I sat there a moment and stared at the perky little twin mounds, then reached-down to cup them, amazed by their firmness.“Nnnno-ooooooo…” Jo Jo sobbed as I began caressing them, squeezing them gently and tweaking her little nipples, totally amazed as they stiffened and grew, soon the size of pencil erasers and almost ¾” long.That can drive even you very own Daddy to doing what I’m about to do to you! I finally released them and moved back to the foot of the bed, making quick work untying the thong bottoms, removing them and baring the main object of my powerfully driven lust: her little virgin pussy! “I’m going to fuck your tight little virgin pussy and make you a woman!

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