Dating hand signals

“We are always communicating, even when we’re not talking,” explains Patrick Wanis, a human behavior and relationship expert.

“The majority of our attitude, in other words our feeling and emotion, [is] expressed nonverbally.

Leigh also uses eye contact as an icebreaker by surveying the whole room, even when she’s set on a certain someone.

“When I catch a guy looking at me, I’ll look back at him, and it’s almost like I caught him staring at me, when the truth is that I was kind of just waiting for him to do that so I could catch him,” she reveals.

She’s right up near the doorway, near the bar, or wherever it is that’s getting the most amount of traffic. Wanis explains, “If you’re sitting at the bar and facing towards the crowd, the guys who just walked in and are heading for the bar are going to say [to themselves], ‘Oh, I’m going to talk to her, she’s easy to approach.

That way, you’re indicating that you’re not so deep in conversation that you’d be peeved if a hottie came over to interrupt.

: Be accessible According to our experts, where you place yourself in a room says just as much about your interest level as how you place yourself in a room. “Sit in a place where someone can easily approach you and [he] can easily sit across from you or next to you.

Your initial contact is all about (surprise, surprise) body language.

Mary Waldon, a dialectical behavior therapist and expert in effective communication, behavior modification, and female empowerment emphasizes the importance of eye contact.

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