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Make a Backdating request online Backdating request - Printable version Generally, when you make a new claim for Housing and/or Council Tax Support we can pay from the Monday following the date we received your claim.

Finally, because consumers (with the assistance of California lemon law attorneys, like the author of this Web site) started noticing the post-marks and keeping the envelopes in which these letters were sent, many dealerships have started using their own postage meters to backdate the post mark by a few days in order to claim that the dealer complied with the deadline.Dealers know from experience that people quickly become attached to new cars, and that when the dealer calls in ten days to cancel the transaction the consumer is more likely to want to come in and sign a new second contract – which will be on more expensive credit terms – than to want to return the vehicle and then explain to his or her family and friends that the car had to be returned because of the consumer’s poor credit.Yo-Yo car sales raise (at least) six potential legal issues.So, if they over-valued the trade-in on the purchase contract the customer should not accept less.Similarly, if the trade-in vehicle was under-valued on the purchase contract the customer should not accept less than the vehicle’s fair market value.

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In these situations, it is not uncommon for dealers to falsely threaten customers. The contract was signed, the period for canceling it expired, so, as car dealers are fond of saying “a deal is a deal.” One extremely important fact of which consumers should be aware is that in these situations car dealers frequently send a letter to the consumer that is dated on the tenth day after the transaction (within the cancelation deadline) but which is actually mailed later, after the deadline has expired.

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