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better known mononymously as Hyeri, is a South Korean singer and actress.

If we learn tomorrow that half of Montana contained a secret cache of gold, the value of gold would decrease instantly. Many other investment luminaries are jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon as well.

Just recently Epstein discussed bitcoin extensively with columnist Dylan Love from the news outlet, “Bitcoins each have a unique identifier, and any coins numbered outside a certain range of are fake — the whole system is mathematically controlled, so it can just as easily be mathematically verified,” explains Epstein.

Additionally, the billionaire believes bitcoin does work as a good store of value.

After a rather harsh round of humiliation, Carmen tells Gia, "I've got a surprise!

" It turns out Carmen's surprise is none other than the legendary Mandingo.

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Bitcoin’s price is on a tear in 2017, and it’s hard not to notice the decentralized currency’s spectacular run this year.

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