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He had a series of relationships with women of inferior birth, and failed to launch himself as a responsible mature adult male capable of managing a career, his money and mature relationships.

He was sent off to a military post in India so that he would not be present when his illegitimate child with an underparlour maid dies in childbirth.

Lady Marjorie, having been treated kindly by her husband in connection with the affair, in turn continues to employ their under-parlour maid Sarah when she is pregnant and miscarries the illegitimate child of Lady Marjorie's son James.

Blackmail for Lady Marjorie's affair later assists her chauffeur and Sarah in leaving service and purchasing their own business, a garage.

Portrayed by Rachel Gurney, Lady Marjorie Helen Sybil Bellamy (née Lady Marjorie Helen Sybil Talbot-Carey; or 12 July 1864 – 15 April 1912) is the wife of Richard Bellamy and the mother of James and Elizabeth.

In the summer of 1906, she had an affair with a much younger man, Charles Victor Hammond, a Captain in the Khyber Rifles and a friend of her son.

Portrayed by Lesley-Anne Down, Georgina, Marchioness of Stockbridge (née Georgina Worsley, born 28 November 1895) is the step-daughter of Lady Marjorie's brother Hugo, her natural father having died in a hunting accident when she was six years old.

In 1880, he married the wealthy Lady Marjorie Talbot-Carey and became a Conservative MP. Richard has an older brother named Arthur (John Nettleton), who bullied Richard as a child.Elizabeth takes up with a very savvy, opportunistic, wealthy businessman who uses her to gain access to her father and his government connections and then gives Elizabeth a hat shop.Elizabeth fails to read her true situation, seeing the gift as loving support of her new-found equality: meanwhile, the businessman uses his new connections to court a Marchioness. Wallace in about 1911, and never again appears in the series, remaining in America.She is saved by the testimony of Robert, Marquess of Stockbridge, whom she marries on 12 June 1930.Portrayed by Meg Wynn Owen, Hazel Bellamy (née Hazel Patricia Forrest; circa 1883–1918) first appears in the episode "Miss Forrest" as secretary to Richard Bellamy, a middle class young woman who has been earning a living as a secretary for ten years, against her parents' wishes.

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In 1909 Arthur visits Richard, the two have a falling out and they never speak to each other again.

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