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See more » : I slipped on your dick, then it flew in the air and I landed on my back and I guess my mouth was open because it fell right in my mouth!

And then I spat it out and well, long story short... As soon as you watch the first few minutes of this show, you know you are watching something different.

," and Ben turns into a hideous, orange rock monster.

Following the four's mutations, writers Michael France and Mark Frost focus a great deal of their time on the agony that these mutations bring, particularly The Thing, who experiences his wife leaving him shortly after revealing his deformity.

One particularly involving scene takes place on a suspension bridge, where The Thing is seen pummeling everything in his sight and the remaining three members of the team must resort to either relaxing him or protecting drivers and innocent bystanders.

Initially, the action revolves around Josh's attempts to find success on the social scene after breaking up with his girlfriend. His best friend Mike (Eric Andre) is little help because he is a playa and a user (of women).

Even though the show is called Man Seeking Woman, Josh, the main protagonist, doesn't appear in every episode.

Tinsel is the only episode in the series where he's completely absent, although his role was much smaller than usual in Teacup as well.

The action in Fantastic Four has a colorful commercial look to it, brilliantly bold and very vibrant in a way that makes many of the scenes pop with life.

It manages to achieve a comic book aesthetic without resorting to picture-in-picture editing.

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The absurd happenings actually take place--in reality.

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