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Topics included the renaming of Norwich Union to Aviva, the American grandmother Pearl Carter's incestuous relationship; lying, snooker player John Higgins, common lies; beauty, Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba on Vanity Fair, strange crushes, the stress of relationships; and laughter and World Laughter Day; with the audience including Miss England Katrina Hodge, an expert on lying Glenn Wilson, a woman who fancies Ian Beale, and a Laughter Yoga instructor.Topics included football, the forthcoming World Cup, Wayne Rooney, Manchester City and Manchester United; the new coalition government, Sky News bias, Lembit Öpik's resemblance to a banana; protesting, anti-war demos, the Greek Riot Dog, Leila Deen's attack on Peter Mandleson; sleep disorders and odd positions, sleepwalking and narcoleptic dogs; with the audience including a Plane Stupid activist, a couple who protest nude, and the couple behind the Sleep Talkin' Man blog.The two celebrity guests then enter the studio, and it proceeds to discuss those topics in more detail, with Skinner guiding the discussion and inviting questions and comment from the audience, some of whom are pre-selected to talk about a specific topic.

Frank Skinner's Opinionated is a British television comedy talk show hosted by comedian Frank Skinner and produced by Avalon Television for the BBC.Each series contains 6 half hour episodes, broadcast weekly in the 10pm slot on Friday nights on BBC Two. The second series began airing on 25 March 2011, and finished on 29 April 2011.Topics included plastic surgery, Frank's "lightbulb shaped" head, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Dennis Avner (Cat Man); the forthcoming election, class and Prescott: the Class System and Me; marriage, Liz Taylor's possible 9th marriage and Kerry Katona; speed dating, ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), with the audience including a speed dater, elocution coach and a woman who set the 2000 Guinness World Record for most cosmetic procedures - 47.Topics included binge drinking; infidelity and snooping on partners and neighbours, rear view sunglasses; the postponement of the 23rd James Bond film; the air travel disruption caused by an Icelandic volcano, with the audience including a publican, two volcanologists and an air stewardess.Topics included spiritualism, the increase in ghost sightings; dieting, the Obamas favourite chocolates and Beyoncé's maple syrup diet; driving, White Van Man - the rudest drivers, driving tests; and Gordon Brown's bigotgate election gaffe; with the audience including a dieting woman who lost 10 stones 6 pounds in 13 months, a worker at the reputedly haunted Hampton Court Palace and Tower of London, and Professor Richard Wiseman who studies unusual phenomena.

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