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(Click.) RTZ was formed in the 1870s by China opium trader Hugh Matheson, who was a principal in the Hongkong-based firm Jardine Matheson.

The Rothschilds have a significant stake in the company, and Queen Elizabeth II is a significant investor, according to Charles Higham's biography of the Queen.

Fear of a takeover by blacks was rampant in conservative governments in both countries during that time.

South Africa became an independent country in 1961 and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1965, at the same time that MI6, formerly known as SIS, took on a greater role in ensuring that British investments there would be protected.

It is also important to find out, if possible, where the assets of Pauley Petroleum ended up, as well as to learn what happened to Zapata assets -- because these companies were used by the intelligence group to which the two men owed their loyalty.

We know from Part One that Pug Winokur, working under the cover of David Murdock's Pacific Holdings, was involved in distributing the Zapata assets, or the proceeds thereof, to Bush's fellow shareholders, who had elected a board of directors with long-term connections to Shell Oil, Atlantic Richfield (Arco); Apco Argentina, a subsidiary at that time of Transco Pipeline (now the Williams Companies); General Signal Corp. Pearson and Sons, a London-based exploration company through its North American subsidiary, Midhurst; Camco, Inc., a Canadian appliance company controlled by Canadian General Election, in which Queen Elizabeth had the largest block of stock.

A well drilled in the mountains of Colombia failed to produce as expected, and Hondo's stock price declined to about 3 cents per share just before the buy-out.” (Click.).

Lonrho, which recently changed its name to Lonmin, owned a third of Rowland lost control of Lonrho in 1993 to German businessman Dieter Bock, who four years later left Lonrho to become President of Trizec Hahn Europe and Vice Chairman and a Director of Trizec Hahn Corporation. Bock traded five UK and German real property projects to Trizec Hahn, North America's second largest public property company, in exchange for 4% of Trizec Hahn stock.

Before its demise, Enron had its London headquarters at 40 Grosvenor, at the other end of the block from Lonrho, but still just across the street from the Palace.

This real estate in Mayfair was developed by Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, who still owns almost all of Mayfair, subject to leases.

Both Pauley and Bush used this system to finance Richard Nixon's presidential campaigns, and it was this laundering scheme which was discovered after the 1972 election, when a check drawn on a Mexican bank account of a subsidiary of a Houston corporation controlled by Bush's friends appeared in the Miami bank account of a Watergate plumber.

The Nixon tapes revealed that the financing scheme could blow the lid of the “whole Bay of Pigs Thing.” Thus, it is important to study Pauley to learn how the money works in politics.

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