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Lucy finds Aslan in the woods and he awakens the trees, turning the battle in the Narnians' favor.

Sopespian orders a retreat to a bridge, where they are confronted by Lucy and Aslan.

In the Telmarine castle, the lords of the council learn that Prince Caspian is gone, and Miraz says that Narnians abducted him.

Everyone laughs, saying that Narnians are not real, after which the captured Trumpkin is presented in front of them as evidence.

Nikabrik, with the aid of a hag and a werewolf, offers Caspian his help to guarantee victory.

The hag uses black sorcery to summon Jadis, the White Witch.

Aslan summons the river god, who destroys the bridge, killing many of the soldiers, swallowing Sopespian, and winning the battle.

As Miraz and his army arrive at Aslan's How, Caspian suggests Peter and Miraz duel to the death, with the loser's army to surrender, to buy time for Lucy and Susan to find Aslan.

Telmarine soldiers chase Caspian into the woods, where he encounters two Narnian dwarfs, Nikabrik and Trumpkin.

Trumpkin heads toward the Telmarine soldiers while Nikabrik approaches Caspian.

They discover the ruins of their castle at Cair Paravel, and take back their weapons which Narnians safeguarded for years.

They also find evidence it was attacked by catapults.

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