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As time passed, though, our comfort level grew with communicating online and we began to break down those walls that seemed to separate us in the beginning.Learning about the Sri Lankan civil war, culture, language, breakdancing and the intense game of cricket were paramount to our successes in building authentic relationships and educating across the globe.Visiting Grace crystallized for us how limited our worldview was.The absolute joy of daily life coupled with the abject poverty girls at Grace experience was a juxtaposition we had never experienced.The WAVE girls took turns reading stories out loud, stopping to show pictures and ask questions to check for understanding.After about a year of working together, reliance on the text feature in Skype had dwindled, showing that the Grace students were dramatically improving their English language skills.Connecting our students with the Grace students did not happen overnight.

Often we whispered or passed notes to our students with questions and topics to discuss, to help keep the conversation going and the awkward silences to a minimum. Typically, the girls had some time to catch up and gossip about their lives and then they would focus on reading.As teachers, we received a standing ovation from more than 700 students as we walked through the door of their school into an open-air courtyard.We have never received a reception like that in America!After more than two and a half days of traveling, three flights and a 10-hour bus ride, it would have been easy to be consumed by thoughts of our aching limbs, tired eyes, hunger and travel fatigue.It also would have been easy to join the rest of our travel companions at a hotel for a late-night dinner.

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