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I have read many marriage books over the years, but this is by far one of the most influential.

My husband and I read it together the first time and then I have read it again on my own.

I think more so for my husband because I was showing him love in all five areas, while only two of those were working.

But, since reading the book, I focus most of my energy on those 2 love languages instead of floundering about with the other three wondering why he wasn’t reacting as I expected he should.

This book opened my eyes to how to change the way I love to better fit his needs.

Things that they will begin implementing immediately.

It isn’t just marriages that it will help with but any important interpersonal relationship you have. For myself, it was so liberating and useful to actually pinpoint what “language” I was speaking.

Our objective, when we read it as a couple, was simply to find areas in our marriage that we could work on and improve.

When I read it alone, I wanted to become a better wife and find ways that would help me to focus on areas that my husband would recognize with his love language.

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