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"You have reached the office please leave a message." Then the mailbox is full. )The phone was ringing as I was coming in the door on Saturday afternoon (8-16-08).

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""IDK to me this is the exact same guy who also lists Into the Wild.""The Great Gatsby describes his exes all as 'crazy' and doesn't know the historical context of the word 'hysteria.'""Not as bad as Catcher.""I think I might actually like boys who at least admit they liked books from high school.""Depends on whether or not they see Gatsby as a tragedy.""Ugh he probably wants to go to the Jazz Age Lawn Party tho.""The Fountainhead cheered for Hobby Lobby.""*pulls panties back up*""But — and maybe I'm wrong here — but maybe he's good in bed?

""The worst way.""Wouldn't get there to find out.""Hate-gasm." "Ulysses has a weird special language for you and you alone." "I like this guy.""Sweaters with elbow patches.""I will borrow his Warby Parkers.""Self-deprecating in a charming way.""Curls into his own body when nude.""Where the Wild Things Are really loves his mom and also puts that in the profile.""????????????????????????????

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