Ps3 turn off when updating

Hello, today I bought the digital version of Far Cry 3, I played 2 hours of it then it shutdown my PS3 with blinking red light.

I tried again and I played for 1 hour and shutdown.

Um I just signed into PSN a few hours ago to play a few matches of Tekken and it never prompted me for an update to sign into PSN. Not too concerned about that, just hoping there was some reason so I could get it back up and running. Well did find this so apparently there is an update?

That sucks though duder I hope you at the very least had save backups in the cloud or on a USB stick? I haven't had to update either, but it's been a few hours since I was on my ps3. I even just tried plugging my controller into the system and the controller won't even turn on then. Must not be mandatory though because I never got prompted to update.

Lastly I decided to rest my PS3 for a couple of hours then clean the exterior, when I try to boot Far Cry 3 it shutdown before it loads the main menu, this problem ONLY occurs in Far Cry 3, other games such as AC3 seems to work flawlessly.

I did some research and it seems this happens to many people for the PS3 and PC, but no solutions is found. I have already downloaded and installed the game twice today but no improvement.

You will prompted to reset your display settings to how you require them. If so please state exactly where the games is freezing.

This is becoming very annoying and been waiting the whole day to play this properly, you know how slow PSN download speed are?!

I am getting more furious for every hour this is not fixed as I have been waiting for this game to come out on PS Instant Game Collection since its announcement last week.

I might just leave it off for the rest of the night and see if this firmware update is killing everyone's ps3s. Like it killed the controller too or can't find the PS3 or something. For what its worth though looked on Game FAQS message board and there was one guy who was complaining about the same thing.

But even when you turn on the controller when it's not near a PS3 it at least has the blinking red lights. Station/status/347141681042309120I just came across that too!

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