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In what feels a little bit like a filled-out celebrity-themed Mad Libs game, headlines touted this weekend that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were spotted “packing on the P. A.” in the Netherlands at a pre–European Music Awards Kings of Leon concert. The somewhat unexpected pairing seems to be a recent development.

(If not all of those proper nouns are registering for you, no worries: we’ve got you.)Turner is best known as Sansa Stark, older sister of Arya and Bran and vanquisher of Ramsay, on . The duo spent Halloween together, as they can be seen in the below Instagram shot together, as the two are situated side by side in this group shot, a telltale sign that something is The couple then attended a Kings of Leon concert together in Rotterdam on Saturday.

If it goes well on the date, the couple can enjoy some alone time in the Love Mobile - the car that returns them to the house.

But if it's a flop, the suitors could find themselves in the Dumping Room where they have to fight to keep their place in the competition.

“Beard Game Matters” surfaced on the social media site last week, and what started as a group meant to promote beard products has turned into a full-fledged belt of admiration for men who rock the weighty form of facial hair.

The group has a little over 800,000 members, with more quickly joining. You want to know more about the man behind the beard, we hear you!

We should not be okay with this, regardless of how accurate his tailoring-suits-for-severed-hands tips are (always hem to the end of the stump)! Jaime Lannister, you are an embodiment of the problem and I, for one, am not here for it.

“I didn’t look very often because I was seated more in front of the room.

By the Eighties, Barris retreated from television production and hosting, even as his properties – including Three's a Crowd – experienced revivals in the cable era."I went nuts up there on the stage to a point where it was pitiful.

IF you don't really have a 'type' when it comes to dating, you'd struggle on this new Channel 4 reality show.

Next week, 24-year-old George, from Essex, digitally designs his ideal woman.

He's after a slim girl with long blonde hair, but warns she must make a good first impression as he'll ditch them if their personality doesn't match up with their good looks. Every night a clone gets the chop, and at the end of the week the singleton is left with their three favourites and must pick their "one and clonely".

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