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But as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with otherwise well-adjusted men casually consuming porn while masturbating. Either way it still takes two to tango, pretty sure nature has it balanced, despite religious regulation.I think it depends on what kind of porn a man watches.They equated porn with infidelity, proof that their lovers no longer desired them.They also experienced deep feelings of loss--of the man's affection, his sexual interest, and intimacy and trust in the relationship.Anyway, I get off on mens' pleasure, so I watch gangbang porn, because it's a lot of guys having a lot of pleasure based off of one woman. At least if he was jerkin it to photos of me or videos of me or ME in person, it would be hot.

They believe that once men say, ‘I do,' they should no longer want to masturbate.If I see a good-looking guy on the sidewalk I will definitely think, "yeah, I would totally do that guy," and I would, but I am very conscientious about protection and that sort of thing. Your viewpoint matters to a LOT of men who enjoy porn and have to somehow explain that to their significant others without starting world war III.I am also bisexual, although I prefer men by far, and I am definitely turned on by a woman's curves. We do not have to give into primal mindsets because we are smarter than animals. I keep hearing how married guys "keep the peace" by using porn so that they avoid getting in trouble for approaching their wives for sex too often.It completely blew my mind how harmless pornography really is! Men evolved to want to be with women on many levels, and physical intimacy is an expression of that -simply that is what it is.Now when women watch porn, we may tend to get picky and over-analyze things, and as a result, become those very people we think men become when they watch porn -beasts, overbearing, and the like. Women are difficult to find, though, that are sane and are willing to put them first, because men do need a lot of TLC, they just do. I could go on and on and whatnot, so I'll just close by saying that there is actually something in the article I disagreed with.

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