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Access will create a Web Compatibility Issues table which contains all the compatibility issues in your database. For example, the columns in your Access table cannot have a slash (/) in their name and you cannot use custom currency formats.See the Microsoft Office site for a list of General and Schema errors.At that point you could import the tables from SQL Server into an Access 2013 database.

In that case, a possible workaround would be to to do with the Access 97 file, but SQL Server imported the tables without complaint.Currently I have Access 2013 in my desktop and opening the file with this version results in the error "Cannot open a database created with a previous version of your application" What is the solution for this issue?Is there any place where I can download the earlier version of MS Access? I was trying to run a macro from an Excel I got from a friend that extracts data from an old and I could not run it with "Microsoft. OLEDB.12.0" provider, but I was able to run it with "Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider" As noted in another answer, the official word from Microsoft is to open an Access 97 file in Access 2003 and upgrade it to a newer file format.Another year and a considerable amount of money later a new system was written (not by me unfortunately :)) to enable their employees/consultants to bill from anywhere.In today’s post I want to look at how they could’ve leveraged Office 365 Access services to web-enable their database. It has a simple project list, which displays the current projects: When the user clicks on the ID field a new window opens where the employees can capture details about the project: Before you can publish your database to Office 365 you need to upgrade it to Microsoft Access 2010.

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