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These two apps have similar functions and features as well, except the live broadcast function is only available in the 17 app.

Update: Instagram has the live broadcast available as an option too as of recently.

In 1998, Jeffrey Huang set up an internet service provider company aimed at translating websites in the US.

The company had 80 workers at its peak and gained about 7 million US dollars profit.

In earlier days, the app was removed from Android Play Store.

Google expressed that apps which do not follow the agreement and regulations would be removed.

Netizens revealed a male user had broadcast the bathing process of his younger sister.

The founder of the 17 app – Jeffery Huang, claimed broadcast would be stopped and the user’s account would be deleted if they received any complaints.

However, existing users were still able to use and people can still download the 17 app through “p Cloud”, even it is not available in the app stores.

When he was two, his family migrated to California, USA.

Finding no interest in studying, he did not go for advanced education in college, but went back to his place of birth – Taiwan, to start his music career with his younger brother, Stanley Huang (黃立行) and his cousin, Steven Lam (林智文).

Users can like and comment on the photos and videos in both apps.

17 and Instagram both share a similar interface, such as displaying of photos and videos, place for like and comment and the personal page design.

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