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a gift of ,326 r«achcd His Honor the Lieutcnant- Govamor yaatarday, to bt app Utd to Canada'a war effort, from Ann'rkan mtmbm of tht loniort' Northwwt Qo U . but Land urged that 11 be made strong enough to serve without Interruption In times of emergency l U dual mlssloti of peacetime com- merce and armed auxiliary to the navy, Tlie ac^Osi Uon by Great Bri Uln ot 130 ships ot sll kinds from the United SUtes since the present war surted wss declared to be "just as riui a factor as the supplying of airplanes and industrial goods. FOUR KILLED BY TRENCH CAVE-IN Section of Shale Sllpa (rushing Men Affainst Opposite Ride Of Esravallon IKDIANTOWN OAP Pa. The Department of Mualtkri S and Supply, annourtclng Mr. The part played by the Air Force In the Oreek victories ha.', been mof:t itnix)rtant and we have received tlie w:irme,t expressions of gratitude for the aid we were able to give. Members of the board of managers named were Alderman WPrthlng- ton.

Golfers Give Generous Sign JDLTheir Admiration V Memhrr M of AMoriation Send Substantial Sum, With letter, to Lieutenant-Governor to Be Ueed for Hclpiiif Great Britain in War As a tokan of tha fricndahip angandtrcd by eighteen yaara' clo M contact with th«ir It Uew go Hara of Britiah Cbhim- bia. GOOD pa Ofi RFSS Optimism was expres-sed over progre«^ in Merchant Marliv de- velopment since its preparedness programme was launched In IMfl. Hit- ler, however, has apparently decided i that any weapon is enough even If It only dislocates irafflc. STOBAL Canal Zotie Ier 10 'CP I Tlie Canadian Trade now touring Lai In - American coun- tries, headed by Hon J. Canadian Minister of Trade, arrived here tonight by plane from Darranquilla Lawrence Bamett. and a group of vsmen I welcomed them Tliey will be the I guests Of the Chamber of ( on n.rr'f tomorrow at a business conference and reception. -« of the twenty -eoe missing laet seen on the forward I^Cah Mit ftnee It was es Ubllahed last June, and who has resigned to devote his attention to his duties as chalnaaa of the newly-created wartime ra- qutrements board antwoncad ISo- vembrr IS. Entries must be at the Chamber of Commerce Indefinite Internment Fo r Wo meni LOST HOME IN Qyic K mi Dr. Bruce Taylor Arrive Here After Exodus ix Qe with memortee ^tkotr Imrried escape from Fran Te after the French Oovemmeni capitulated now leliuid them. eo Runanding the British and Imperial Army of the Nile, sufflclent not only to give a greater feeling of .security, but to open the pc*.sl- bility of an assumption of the offendve. However, at the moment the Tliillan of Greece made It nccc.vvary for as to a con- siderable part of our air force from pt to the aid of the Greek army in their heroic defence of their ruitlve land.

Tues- day) today broki a quitt interlude of more than forty-six l UMUn line* Gari Hmy's heavy raid Sundayr night. et and Koyal Air Force Are Co-operating With Britsh I nuips W ide Encircling Movement Engulfs ISumber of Camps _ WBATHEB RESMNSIBLE The Prew AAb Oc UUai WKgested aontl OMltol weather o«Klltioiis ap- "farfetlir were responabie for the mrstcrtooa lack of ^Misir sctt Ttty, and cautioned "It wouldbe • big m U- take to imagine any Uibi aore optl- asuttc.*' rrha bearjr attaclt «a Sunday alfht vaa an Inslanettef the fal. Ooneemed over the demolition of historic bu ildings In Vlctorls, the British Columbia His- torical Association, at a general meeting on Monday night, requested the council of the Vletbria section to take the matter under advise- ment and confer with the civic authorlttes on future occasions when such buildings were the sua- ject of condemnation orders.

BRITISH CONTINUING Orf ENSIVE STRETCHING EAR INTO DESERT From Europe Day by Day— THE TIMES, London Ntwt and Commtnl on tnttr na- tional Ectnti ulttud from 1 h* Timet daily and publiihtd in 7h« Daily Coloniit by tpeciol aitangt- mtnt With Ih* Vamouvtt Daily Provtmt. * in Egypt — ^1,000 Fasci Ht Prij^onc r* Already I'aken —Mediterranean Fl? Matthew Bal Ule Begble Cook Street, is soon to fall under the hammers of the house wreckers- Built hi the early seventies, the old home, a part of which U shown in the above picture, was once the scene of Sir Mi Oihew's ftnerous ho.spitality, and the t«'nnl.s parties that aerc given in its spacious grounds were renowned throughout the Provlnoe.

where a .000 000 can- tonment project Is underway to hoii'e thou.sand« of na'l^* the opp'l^l;e .«^lde "Workers began lmn.e(i;at(lv to dig them out. once again, in a position to afford the necessary support to a forward movement Accordingly, on the night of the 7th of December, a strong detach- ment from the Army of the Nile under Sir Maltland Wilson, com- British and Imperial troopis and a detachment from the Free French forces, advanced towanls poeltlon B which the Italians had fortified gtnee th Mr incursion across the Ikyp Uah f Tontter three months ago.

Dee 10 ^Four men were killed toni Rht in the collapse of a sewer and water trench at 'he Pennsvlvanla Mihiarv Re.servation. FORCED DELAY IN PLANA Serious traipqrary diminution of our air forces In Egypt made it neres.'snry .somewhat to delay the execution of the of Teiuslve plans which had been matured, and It wa.s not until the beginning of this month that our air foree In Bnivt was. Mr Hayward mas re-elerterl president of tiie board ,of mftna Rers; Mr.

but the Prime Minister declined to say whether this meant the l Ullan base at Sldl Bsjrranl had been cu* off. about half way be- tween that town and the Libyan- Egyptian border.) Por the flrst time since the British Expeditionary Force marched north Into Belgium and Holland to check the German slon of the Low Countries, the British nation has had the opportunity to rejoice over land operations a Raliwt the enemy. The paper.s are Ce Bllnued on Page 2, Colonn 4 SHIP PUTS OUI FROM IS GIVEN OFHCIALS Detii U of Britain's PInanelal ren- dition Laid Before Meeting At Waabingtan WASHINOTON, Dec. Nevertheless, great damage was done these airdromes last week Monday night, for the first time since the start of the blitzkrieg, no German aircraft flew over Hrii Hiii The Oermaias no longer pretend they are attacking only military ob- jectives in their United Kingdom raids. re- tired, chairman of the United SUtes Maritime Commission, declared to- night. The Pest-Inte Uigencer said U learned authorl UUvely from other sources that the agreement provides for a 5-cent hotn-ly wage Increase, one week's vacation with pay. "Suddenly, as he himself aald, there were four big bangs inside his aircraft. and his wife arrived j here yesterday for an "mdeflnltfe ahi l&i PARIfi. 5 h naliou- allty remaining in Paris were taken into custody today for what authors latlve .sources said was Indefinite '.m crnment. It was daylt Rht before the flame.s were finally brought under control and the bulk of the crew were trans- ferred to_a 9rltiih ship. Iqit the cap Uln ruled: "We may itep tf other of ihoee things and every extra man mrnns another Imnch of flowers, and you know slve they are.**- — One of the tasks which drew the admiration of fellow sailors was the cutting down '^f thr fore topmast which wa.s shattered by a UM-pedo and left hanging on fay wlree in yees before Christmas in- .stead of at the end of the month The council d Uicussed the of sailors and soldiers walking on the wrong side of streeta and off iiriewalki Thf mtttrr ti tn hg toirm He gave a cold, factual account of the coiisl U'twt-en .

Jones and Taylor were asked, to form the finanee eaaunl Mae.

Taylor and Ptiaar, were named M SW fc S W «f t|N nplln OOM- mittee.

MUsh Eiiitilr« Wool M» ~ CARDI6AMS ^'owi 3.95 Tr MSure Trove MIOOVBRNMENT 8T. L tin fttoi Mfftnc ^ tab Mrlpdao Rates 07 Olty Carrier! I 00 AU su Oacrlp Uoo* payable In advtnct Wt~Vi PMM ! and that whereref the othke of wo Hd "considerable operations ' are in In that civilization exist there Is almost an Obligation to part of Egypt in which the Italians advanced three months ago.

When he was attacked personally, the raeva said." he had to defend and hi.s pollrv but he had taken particular patn.s thi-; \ear not to support any one candidate H* said It waa ridiculous to put a refere n d um to the ratepayera op the Improvement tax que.ctloa when they ! The meeting was p Na Mod OVer by Ill MMnaa Chahnem. TIm sifiii H tion chmifod with Hm orrhrafl of m SIM'S mos T invi TATions COIHE BY TEIEPHONE 1 •RITli M COl UMt IA TILira ONi COMMMY — i ,- , , THE DAILY COLO NIST. 1040 ■ aa5ga BBBMBMBa BBMMg= " I A A^Lt Liy \^C/^(//^^0^ I ^'^i' (^( ownpd or^anlza TIM Tbff J. Tt iaj b i M m Uw have been substantial deficiencies In administration Whatever those are, Jhe conclusion is that the Oovemment do M not wkt ttmi to be aind In public/ That i« the the belief that the Bntlsb cause la )uet.

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efi Buqbuq, making further captures ol transport and prisoners. is about halfway be- tween that town and the Libya n- Egyptian boundary..) PHASE n BUOCEg SPUL It is t(X) to attempt to fore- cast either the scope or the result of tiie cun.slderable operations which are in progress, but we can, at any rate, say that tlie preliminary phase has been sueoes^ui. a heavy attack was made by our bombers on the air- drome at Bengazl. Ions of bombs were droppiu enec Uvely on haogam and among aireraf L On the same night air attack were made on Die Italjun advanced airdromes lu, a prelude to the iii.)ri! P J Kelly, Charlei Bird and Fred Roman* They Ǥ oook Aa M gift and Mis rtm^ttmilm m tmmm st His Dard \"nl A, .

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