Friends dating transition

Blessed with a friendship that predates our romance, Andrew and I have decided that we want to re-knit those treasured old threads.

The decision to split up was mutual so, in theory, the next bit should be easy - but the transition from lover to friend is fraught with subtle nuances, and there are plenty of trip-wires that can make you stumble and fall.

Don't you see I've done absolutely everything there is to do already - so there's hardly any point in leaving London." But then I'd go anyway, and rarely regretted it.

My languid response to all innovations or excursions tended to be: "Darling - what on earth for?

I did not even have a picture of him on show in my apartment.

Nor did I take a single photograph during our five years together (after being a virtual Patrick Lichfield during my marriage).

We had clear rules from the beginning: this union would be based on love and we would owe each other nothing but constancy.

I never asked him where he was, and he never asked me.

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