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In January of 2011 Wilson announced that he’d report to spring training with the team.It was a decision that didn’t sit well with NC State head football coach Tom O’Brien, and as the story evolved, it became apparent that if Wilson returned to Raleigh, he would be coming in as a backup.Last season, he tallied 489 yards on the ground (the third-highest total by a quarterback) while completing 64.1% of his passes and giving up just 10 interceptions over 16 regular-season games, a lethal blend that led the Seahawks to an appearance in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs.As Wilson explains how he overcame comments regarding his height— “I just had to ignore it”—I think back to conversations I’ve had with pro athletes, the vast majority of which have been a string of clichés (“Leave it all on the field; take it one play at a time”) punctuated by surly silences.The Marines erupt in cheers, and Wilson is all smiles. ” Wilson asks, striking up a conversation in the car. ” Decked from head to toe in Nike gear with a modest watch on his wrist, his broad frame and somewhat unruly head of hair are filling up my rearview mirror. I’ve just picked them up at a staging area of Quantico for the 15-minute drive to the obstacle course where he’ll be tackling that log.

“I would be on the phone with Russell for hours on end talking about what [sport] he wanted to [play], weighing the options,” recalls Wilson’s older brother, Harrison Wilson IV.

The first thing that strikes you about Wilson is his level of engagement with what’s going on around him. A two-sport athlete who spurned Major League Baseball to play college football, he juggled two Division I sports with a massive course load and excelled at all three.

“I was offered a million dollars [by the Baltimore Orioles out of high school],” he says matter of factly.

He would transfer out of NC State to play one more season of football.

University of Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema announced that Wilson would be a member of the Badgers football team in the fall.

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