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She had an outstanding warrant from a 2010 animal-cruelty case, in which deputies discovered nine frozen cats in her icebox—which she told police she used for cooking a stew.

“In 50 years of law enforcement,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “I’ve never heard of a case quite like this where an animal lover presumably turns her much-loved pets into stew.”“It’s Not Like Collecting Stamps…”Indeed, it is certainly “not like collecting stamps,” as Nina Kostsovo points out.

Users — who are represented by their “catvatars” — can browse for cat content by moods like “funny” or “sad” and leave feedback in the form of comments or “emoji.” “The Internet loves cats.

I’ll Have What Kitty’s Having Not getting enough of a cat fix with your dozens of beloveds at home?

Then thank Garfield for the latest trend: the cat café.

The start of the new year ushered in a spate of monumental new legislation.

In Maryland, same-sex marriage is legal for the first time.

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