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The other spouse, if they are not dating, may develop the idea that the dating spouse was committing adultery even if that idea hadn't surfaced before.Or, the other spouse may simply suffer anger and hurt as a result of the limited amount of time it apparently took the dating spouse to recover and move on.For example, the judge might disapprove of the dating spouse's behavior and develop a bias against them.While such a bias is ostensibly unacceptable in the U. legal system, judges are human and biases are natural and even probable in some instances.

In Maryland, the legal definition of adultery is having sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse.

Choosing to date can be a difficult decision while you are still in the midst of divorce proceedings.

If you have questions about how your decision will affect your divorce or custody case, contact a member of our family law department.

Dating while in the process of a divorce may also affect child custody determinations.

Seeing parents date new partners is difficult for children, especially older children, and the new relationship may cause older children discomfort such that they decide residence with the other spouse would be more desirable.

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